About Me

More than just a full stack developer, my other interests include:

  • Motorbikes: I got my full motorbike license a few years back and my very first real bike was a Honda Twister, 250cc!
  • Travel: I've visited 17 countries and lived in 3. The endless variety of cultures in all the different parts of the world really energizes me.
  • Life Coaching: I am a qualied life coach and I use those skills to help people identify & pursue their goals, dreams, desires.
  • Music and Art: Kandinsky is my favourite artist and to relax, I paint with acryllics. Photography adventures are also super fun and the guitar is my instrument of choice.
  • Culinary Skills: I'm a total foodie with an appreciation for exotic tastes. I enjoy spicy flavours and I believe most meals should be accompanied with a glass of good red or rosé wine!

When I made the decision to enroll in web development studies, I chose Lambda School.

These are the projects I've completed.

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1. User Interface

This project showcases Semantic HTML, CSS Fundamentals, CSS Flexbox Module, and Git. I created a multi page website, adding to the missing HTML elements and CSS specificity problems that needed solving. I created an additional web page that was linked from the navigation (hover your mouse over the image to view).

GitHub View GitHub Repo User Interface

2. Advanced CSS

In this project I explored advanced CSS techniques using Responsive Design and Preprocessing, through using the viewport meta tag, media queries, setting up a preprocessor, and advanced use of preprocessing techniques.

GitHub View GitHub Repo Advanced CSS

3. Fun Bus

This project is all about adding interactivity on the site using JavaScript event listeners in the DOM. The easter eggs even have a "reveal button" 😊

GitHub View GitHub Repo Fun Bus Site

4. Newsfeed

In this project I built a news feed reader with a collapsing menu, and expandable news articles. I built reusable components using JavaScript.

GitHub View GitHub Repo Newsfeed

5. GitHub User Cards

In this project I created a component based on the data I get from the GitHub API, and built a social card with a GET request.

GitHub View GitHub Repo GitHub User Cards

6. To-Do List

In this project I built a REACT app using a stateful class component.

GitHub View GitHub Repo REACT To Do List

7. Scoreboard

In this project I created an application that explored REACT components and component state, and how to change a components state with a click handler.

GitHub View GitHub Repo REACT Scoreboard App

8. Calculator

For this project I created a REACT calculator app using create-react-app (CRA).

GitHub View GitHub Repo REACT Calculator

9. Starwars Character Cards

For this project I used create-react-app to fetch data from an API and display it in individual character cards.

GitHub View GitHub Repo Starwars character cards

10. Starwars Cards - Take 2

Here, I refactored project #9 using hooks.

GitHub View GitHub Repo Starwars character cards

11. Secret Family Recipes

In this project I worked on a cross functional team as a Front End React Developer to build a website for users to create, access and share secret family recipes. I worked with a UI and Back End Developer to ensure that users can seamlessly navigate through the tools of logging into their accounts, or signing up for the first time, and then adding their recipes and viewing them.

GitHub View GitHub Repo Family Recipe Log In

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Company Position Years
Amazon Web Services Cloud Support 2019-
Amazon Technical Support 2018-2019
LifeExchange Online Curriculum Administrator 2017-2018
All Nations, Cape Town Missionary and Life Coach 2009-2017


Institution Course Years
Lambda School Full Stack Web Development 2019-
CMI Professional Leadership Coaching 2013-2015
University Of Wales Youth Work and Ministry Diploma 2005-2008
University of Cape Town pursued Comp Sci in Bach.Bus.Sc 1998-1999

Technical Skills

Cloud Computing, AWS

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